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TJ - FMA Accounting Software

A user-friendly system which has the breadth, flexibility and integrity you need for advanced financial control.

Now you can have all your financial & analytical accounting needs met in one place.

With FMA Accounting, the level of integration surpasses that provided by other financial packages. 

That's why FMA Accounting is used:
in 15 different countries 
in a wide range of industries*
Happy Office Workers
*(from manufacturing, distribution and leisure to service industries – you name it!)

FMA Accounting -
A system that provides you with: 

Powerful analytical capabilities 

e.g. cost centres, projects, contracts & product lines

Exceptionally user-friendly interface

Integrated databases and processes

Unequalled integration of ledgers, including fixed assets, currencies, intra-EU


Unlimited budgets, forecasts and actual history

Rapid implementation due to features such as powerful ready-made enquiries and reports

Outstanding reliability and continual expert support directly from the TJ developers

Remarkably low cost of ownership​

Any questions?

FMA Accounting - 'forever new'

"Since its inception, FMA Accounting has been continuously maintained & developed, keeping it a 'forever new' product."

Jim Harrington, Founder & CEO of Terence James Systems

FMA Accounting

We understand the frustrations of investing in accounting software that doesn’t quite do everything you need, is unnecessarily complicated or is inconsistent across modules. 

So if you're looking for all your financial and analytical accounting to be within a single responsive, reliable and integrated system, get in touch.

Customers for over 30 years

Nasco France

"The accounting and financial software has been robust.  

TJ Systems was able to adapt it to our needs in various countries while making the necessary changes accordingly to our new requirements.

TJ Systems is a partner we can count on and that is what matters to us the most."

Cedric Allain, IT Manager

TJ Applications
applications blue.png

TJ Applications

- Extensions to FMA Accounting -


Inventory Management & Sales/Purchase Order Processing done for you!

Fully comprehensive system

Complete integration to FMA Accounting


A Purchase Order Management system to increase productivity!

Streamlined authorisation

Automated invoice approval

Easy access to real-time data

Conversation Between Colleagues


- Inventory Management & Sales/Purchase Orders Made Easy-

Struggling with stock flow, missed orders or errors? Losing valuable hours on admin? 

Designed for seamless interaction, let IOP - our automated Sales and Purchase Order Processing system - do the work for you. 

Juergen Mindel, Managing Director, VDA Germany

“IOP is reliable and easy to use. We've been able to increase our sales many times over without increasing headcount thanks to the automatic process and fully integrated Webshop."

IOP will:

blank chevron 3.png
blank chevron 2.png
blank chevron 4.png
blank chevron.png

Receive Orders

Your stock levels can be checked and updated.

You can choose to “hold” or “release” the order. Orders which are on “hold” can be released when the obstacle (e.g. credit approval, stock shortage) has been cleared.

As the order is released, the despatch and invoice documents are produced.

blank chevron light.png

Invoices are posted automatically to the TJ Accounting ledgers.

As customer's orders are entered online, a fully priced sales order is calculated for you.

Optional Stock Check

Release Orders

Create Documents

Auto Update all

Because all our work is done in-house, IOP is fully flexible and customisable! 

Just let us know your requirements.

Collaborating at Work

IOP Features include: 

Customisable templates for easy data inputting

Warehouse picking & Inventory Management / replenishment

Easy analytics for Stock Ledger, Stock History & forecasts

Automated cost calculations (including freight charges & VAT rates)

Automatically sending Cost of Sale for each shipment to the Stock Ledger and Cost of Sales Accounts

Enquiries on existing orders

Providing end-to-end stock control (accounting for orders, receipts, stock losses and rejects)

Producing Picking Lists and/or Despatch Notes

Invoicing + automatically updating on FMA Accounting

Fully integrating with FMA Accounting so you only ever have to input information once



- Purchase Orders Management made easy -

Bring all spending under control with Puma:

a user-friendly system that provides you with all the real time data you need at your fingertips!

VDA Germany

“With the Purchase Order Management System PUMA, we have automated our ordering process. This enables us to achieve a transparent and timely presentation of financial data in accounting and reporting."

Juergen Mindel, Managing Director

We know that when running your own business, you want to have:


Reduced paperwork
Streamlined authorisation & procedures
for all departments to follow with ease
Easy access to real-time status updates
Automated invoice approvals
Clear overviews of spending
for more definitive purchase orders


Business Woman

That's why PUMA has been designed
to do these things for you

so you can do what you do best.

PUMA will:

blank chevron 3.png
blank chevron 2.png
blank chevron 4.png
blank chevron.png

Raise Orders

Drafts can be amended, deleted and authorised by finance department.

Order confirmation will then be sent by the preferred method for each supplier.

Record partial or complete delivery of goods and/or provision of services

blank chevron light.png

Each invoice (matching the relevant purchase order) is posted to the creditor's account; price variances require approval.

Users (who have permission from security controls) raise the purchase orders.

Authorise Orders

Send Orders

Order Fulfilment

Match Invoice

Because all our work is done in-house, PUMA is fully flexible and customisable! 

Just let us know your requirements.

Collaborating at Work

PUMA Features include: 

Handling orders for "catalogue items"
(goods and services identified by the client's predefined  product codes and/or descriptions).

Handling orders for special items / services
("uncatalogued" items)  

Discrete quantities (e.g. boxes, metres, kilos) or general requests.

Pricing per unit, per order line or per order.

Finance teams also benefit from: 

Automatic updates

Online access to more precise, up-to-date commitment & delivery data

Immediate & accurate accruals

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