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Effortless software solutions making your most complex tasks simple

Providing powerful, user-friendly systems -

leaving teams with more time to focus on growth & profitability! 

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Software Solutions

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1 - Custom Software

Software that's tailored to your specific requirements.

We work with you to build software that fits your business like a glove so that your business can scale and innovate faster. 

Co-working in the Office

2 - FMA Accounting

Looking for advanced financial control? 

Our FMA accounting system has the breadth, flexibility & integrity you need for complete control.

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3 - TJ Applications

Streamline your systems with our application packages to further reduce workload! 

Colleagues Working Together

Designed for stress-free Inventory, Sales and Purchase Orders so you have more time on the business!

Some of our valued customers

empire cinemas.png

Empire Cinemas

"We're totally reliant on all the systems we have with TJ’s and they form an integral part of the management of the business"

Paresh Thakrar, Finance Director

Why Choose us

Why Choose Us?

We get the job done

We're passionate about finding solutions to your problems. Creating a user-friendly system that perfectly meets your business needs is what we do best.

You're in good hands

With over 35 years practice, we have a wealth of experience in a wide range of businesses, industries & applications worldwide. Our dynamic team can show you what good looks like.

All our work is done in-house.

When you give us your vision, you can rest assured that it will be produced, supported and maintained by the team that you meet.

(*not by a team of contractors offshore).

We're Global

Our Software is used in more than 20 countries around the world.

Wherever your location,
we are happy to discuss your requirements.

Get in Touch

The Three Pines, Church Road

Penn, Buckinghamshire

HP10 8EG

Our development, support and marketing centre is just outside London. Based in Penn, England, easily accessible from London Heathrow Airport and close to the historic route to Oxford.

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