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Custom Software Services

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Develop New Software

Tailored applications and multi-user interactive databases designed to fit your business like a glove.

Building software to streamline your processes is what we do!

Co-working in the Office
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Update Existing Software

Update, enhance and modernise your existing applications to better fit your business requirements.

We're here to help your business keep driving forwards.


Our bespoke development services include: mobile and web app, Visual Basic and .NET, tools, system implementations, office systems integrations, and software migration to new platforms.


How can we help you?

Why Choose Custom Software?

We know the pains of fitting your work around "off the shelf" software models with limitations and compromises.

This is why we offer Custom Software solutions - to provide a powerful user friendly system which makes the most complex tasks simple.

Built around your business model and specific needs, our Custom software are tailor made, high spec systems that that will fit your business perfectly.

Increase your competitive advantage by streamlining your workload, enhancing customer experience and more so that you can focus on scaling and innovation.

Adaptable, agile and flexible.

Designed to meet your business needs of today and be ready to meet the new tomorrows.


"TJ understand that our CRM has to deliver a competitive advantage, often this is not a tight brief or specification, it’s about understanding the objective and finding how the objective can be attained within a budget, this is largely enabled through direct communication with the software developers themselves, who advise you and guide you to solutions."

Mark Denton, Director

Bringing your Software to Life

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Our skillset is designing user-friendly systems that will follow your brief and do the complex / time-zapping tasks for you. After the specifications have been agreed, we will design the first phase and provide you with an estimate.

Let's work together to translate your requirements into clear blueprints for a system that meets your needs. Our goal is to gain in-depth understanding, to define your requirements and show you what can be done!

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Agile systems are developed for you to allow full flexibility and control. All our development is in-house where we are constantly testing and peer reviewing codes to ensure your system does what it says on the tin!


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Sample & Detail

Through demos and testing, we can record and incorporate changes from your feedback. After all our in-house testing, we deliver you a test system for you to try for yourselves. Whether you choose to do a parallel run or go live, you'll be confident that your system will deliver!

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With our support, you can have 100% confidence in your software before going live!

Go Live


We develop software with longevity in mind and are here for ongoing support, maintenance and updates. Once your software is live, our work continues.

Our developers support our customers directly; we know you and you know us. Our priority is that your bespoke systems can move forwards with your business requirements as you grow.


We provide a range of consultancy services,

including systems analysis & design, project management, database design, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, and Oracle RDBMS.

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